What We Believe

What we believe impacts how we live

In the beginning God… - Genesis 1:1

What we believe impacts how we live and do ministry. Cedar Point is a gospel-centered, missional church, committed to living out our core values of: God-directed Lives, Authentic Community, and Missional Living.  We strongly believe that our faith in Jesus should impact the way we live our daily lives, thereby impacting our families, our workplaces, our neighborhoods, and our world.

We are proudly affiliated with a larger network of churches committed to advancing God’s Kingdom called The Christian & Missionary Alliance.

To learn more about The Alliance go to www.cmalliance.org

We Believe…

In One God who is infinitely perfect, creator of the universe, who deeply loves us and longs to see us in a relationship with Him.

The Bible is God’s infallible word and extremely applicable to each of our lives.

Sin is a reality in everyone’s life and separates us from having a relationship with God and being all He wants us to be.

Jesus Christ is God’s one and only son who came to earth and made it possible for us to fix our relationship with God.

Heaven & hell are real and we will all spend eternity in one place or the other.

Faith in Jesus Christ and repentance of our sin is the only way to fix our relationship with God and spend eternity in heaven.

The Holy Spirit is sent as a guide to help those who choose to follow Jesus.

The church is not a building, but people who call Jesus Lord.  Each person plays an important role in fulfilling our call to love God, love others, and show the world His love for them.

This is a brief overview of what we believe. Download our full Statement of Faith to learn more.