Hard Work?

What ever happened to hard work? Hard Work.pub

The generations have changed. There’s been a shift in our culture that is a bit discouraging. There’s been a shift from the gratification and tremendous feeling of knowing that you’ve worked hard in order to earn something to a lazy, entitlement, “you deserve a break today” mindset. We now live in a microwave, fast-food, streaming, 80Mbps, instant gratification, video gaming day and age where the goal is to work our way out of work; Friday night is the goal, lazy days on the beach are the goal, retirement is the goal. Many people have given up on work.

And it’s not just trying to work our way out of working hard in our jobs, but it’s extended to every area of life.  We view work as something that only the lower class should do.  Therefore we don’t put in the work of raising our kids, managing our finances, strengthening our marriages, and building our families. Work has quite literally become a dirty word, and that mindset has crept into the local church.

Now, we need to understand something. I know that we can never earn a right standing with God.  I know no matter what we do or don’t do God loves us the same. I know what legalism is. I know that sometimes simply sitting quietly in the presence of God is incredibly refreshing. I know it’s not healthy to be at the church whenever the doors are open. I know I don’t earn a right standing with God by my doing.  But…

The more I read the Bible to understand what my Heavenly Father is like and how He wants me to live, I see an awful lot about blood, sweat, and work. Passages in the Bible tell us to work out our salvation with fear and trembling, remind us to be doers of the word and not hearers only, asking for workers for the harvest, telling Adam to work the ground, to work as though you are working for the Lord, telling us to labor and strive in our faith, to be busy about the Father’s business, to fulfill our role in the Body of Christ, telling us if you don’t work you don’t eat, that laziness is worse than having no faith, images of running the race, beating our bodies, fighting the good fight, be strong & courageous, and much, much more. The Scriptures are saturated with the concept and picture of Working and Doing. So the question is this: What are you doing?

The New Testament teaches that when we stand before Jesus on that final day some of his followers are going to receive crowns, not for sitting around doing nothing, but our Lord is going to present to us crowns based on what we did, how hard we worked, how well you served God and worked for eternal things of His Kingdom.  And then we’ll take those crowns and place them at the feet of Jesus as a way of saying, “I loved you Jesus THIS MUCH.” So again, will you be given any crowns?

We have a great responsibility as followers of Christ. God has placed a tremendous calling upon our shoulders and our time on earth is incredibly short. So let’s fight the good fight! Let’s give God our best! May we be men & women worthy of our calling. When Christ returns, may he find us working.

~Matthew 16:27


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