The One Who Had Come

Nativity Wallpaper‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through my town, the hustle and bustle could be seen all around. While they shopped ‘til they dropped, with Black Friday flyers in hand, they bought and they bought, as is the law of the land. While the lights were being hung, the holiday cards were going out, and my heart suddenly wondered, “Do they know what Christmas is about?” In the midst of baking, sledding and fun, had they missed the point, of the One who had come?

It’s more than just family, trinkets, iPods and bows, and more than getting dressed up in our fancy new clothes. The angel said to the shepherds, “Joy and Good News we bring!” But good news for whom? What could this possibly mean?

For the single mom all alone, struggling to make ends meet, could it mean hope for her, to keep her kids off the street? The widow who sits now, at home all alone, will there be joy once again, if this baby is known? How ‘bout that family, who you think has it all? But in their big home, there is only a wall. To the greatest, the least, teachers, farmers and all, Christmas isn’t about the mall, but more of God’s call. To each one of us, He says, “YOU matter to Me!” If you’ll just stop… and listen, open your eyes and you’ll see. YOU’re the reason for the season, and why I came in a stable. To fix our relationship, and if you’ll BELIEVE in me, then we’re able.

So don’t ever forget why you put up a tree, Jesus came to earth, for YOU and for me.

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